@danbucatinsky: Why won’t selfie light ever work? @portiaderossi @TheEllenShow


Breaking News! 

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Ellen DeGeneres: “I had a big surprise for Coach Ken and his whole team.” (http://instagram.com/p/tlRJPztjAZ/)
She’s such a dork omg. I love her so much
@portiaderossi: My favorite lady with my favorite chef of my favorite restaurant Crossroads.
@portiaderossi: My delightful dinner with the dead


portia de rossi just tweeted me and i’m currently dying (i’m @ellenthemuffin)
if you don’t follow her you definitely should!!! she’s the nicest cutest person ever @portiderossi 

I’m so happy for u LAURA

@portiaderossi: Anyone else listening to @alt_J This Is All Yours?

SIRENS is such a good movie and I can’t stress enough, how much you should all watch it

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Ellen having a little dance with an unsuspecting Andy!

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Veronica had done it before and knew just what to say… or how little to say.

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Can we just appreciate how cute Portia’s icon on Twitter is.

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You should all follow my sisters blog
She’s a new upcoming make up & beauty gal

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I am going to Sydney with my Father when Mardi Gras is on omg
I ammm so excited because I’ve always wanted to go

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